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Tooth Replacement

Despite advances in modern dentistry, teeth may still need to be removed if they are damaged beyond repair. Tooth removal is a perfectly safe procedure and performed by millions of dentists around the world. In the event of damage and decay beyond repair, you have a number of options for replacement. Implants An implant is…

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Toothpaste Tutorial: Choosing the Right Types for You and Your Family

Head to the toothpaste shelf at your local supermarket and you’ll no doubt be faced with rows of tubes from a huge variety of manufactures in an ever larger variety of types. Whitening, anti-cavity, tartar control, sensitive formula…there’s seemingly one for just about every result you’re seeking and all the problems you’re having with your…

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Herbs are a Natural Option for Gum Care

If you are the kind of person that shies away from man-made medications in favor of natural remedies, you’ll be happy to know that it’s possible to care for your gums the natural way through the use of a variety of herbs and other natural substances. Many of these herbal concoctions have been around for…

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Fighting Bad Breath on the Go

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a breakfast, lunch, or dinner that included some stinky elements that have lingered around long after you’ve finished your last bite. Now it’s time for an important meeting or – worse yet – a date, and you’re just not sure what to do to get rid of that foul…

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Asthma Medication and your Teeth

In the United Kingdom alone, about 5.4 million people are currently being treated for asthma, according to figures released by Asthma UK. More than one million of those being treated are children, including those as young as six months old. It’s a disease that has continuously been on the rise and one that causes more…

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My tooth was knocked out, what do I do?

If you are in the very unfortunate position of having a tooth knocked out (the “technical” term is Avulsed), please try not to panic. There are some important steps that may, in the end help you keep the tooth. The first principle is prevention. The most common cause of a tooth being knocked out is…

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Implant Supported Dentures

A lot of people suffer in silence because either one or both of their complete (or full), dentures fits poorly. Despite their dentist trying desperately to help by – for example – relining them. Combined with loss of bone over time, this just does not work! The sufferer then has to resort to using denture…

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Teaching Your Child to Brush

As parents, we are responsible for all aspects of our children’s health and wellbeing, however this can be challenging for a number of reasons; trying to decide the best way to tackle these issues can be confusing. Starting out with a good routine for oral hygiene is crucial to reduce the likelihood of dental disease…

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All About Flossing

Patients often ask me if flossing is really necessary, and do they have to floss every day? The answer to both is a definite YES! Our mouths are full of bacteria, which starts to form Dental Plaque as soon as we have brushed our teeth. Bacteria thrive in a warm, dark and moist environment, like…

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Cavities in baby teeth

Children can start teething or have teeth present in the mouth from birth. The best dental advice is that it is never too early for any child to see a Dentist. Here at the Briars, we have family dentists who will give you the latest useful tips and preventive advice on how to help you…

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