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Cavities in baby teeth

Children can start teething or have teeth present in the mouth from birth. The best dental advice is that it is never too early for any child to see a Dentist. Here at the Briars, we have family dentists who will give you the latest useful tips and preventive advice on how to help you prevent dental decay of your child’s teeth.

If you are an adult patient of the practice already, your child has access to FREE Dental Examinations until the age of 6 years old.

Once your child has a tooth then they can succumb to dental decay or cavities. The most important fact is that even a very small hole or brown spot can become a real problem if left unmanaged. The reason is that the pulp / nerve and blood supply within a baby tooth is very large and voluminous and close to the surface of the tooth. So even a small cavity can be a serious problem for a baby tooth.

You and your child will get facts and helpful advice to managing diet, identifying ‘high-risk’ foods and drinks with hidden sugars and acids, oral hygiene / tooth brushing techniques, incorporating teeth cleaning regime into your child’s ‘routine’, fluoride advice and also the monitoring of your child’s tooth development and growth of their mouths.
For the older children they can also attend our hygienist team to have their teeth cleaned and monitor their tooth brushing skills and effectiveness; a very good skill to learn early on for the prevention of decay throughout their lifetime.

If your child is unfortunate to have a cavity in one of their baby teeth, we have the latest adhesive materials and techniques that make your child’s dental experience a good one. We want all our young patients to be confident and happy dental patients for life.

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