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Cosmetic Orthodontics

Gone are the days of bulky, embarrassing braces. At the Briars, we offer a wide range of orthodontic solutions that will comfortably and subtly correct any crooked teeth. Well-aligned teeth improve chewing, biting and speech, not to mention the overall appearance of one’s smile. Our orthodontic systems range through varying degrees of efficiency and subtleness.

Different Types of Braces:

All our braces are designed to be as discreet as possible. At the Briars Dental Centre we use the following corrective systems
  • Clear Braces
  • Invisalign

Clear Braces

Traditionally, braces utilise unattractive and uncomfortable metal wiring and brackets to straighten teeth. Clear Braces eliminate any obnoxious metal improving the entire orthodontic process. The braces are practically invisible, allowing the wearer to go about their day to day life with little to no disruption. After visiting one of our expert orthodontists, we will take impressions of your jawline and construct the personalised braces.


The Invisalign system utilises a series of clear, removable braces that are both comfortable, effective and discreet. Invisalign braces are replaced every two weeks to ensure that your treatment continues to develop until your desired result is achieved. The removable nature of the invisalign system ensures easier eating and cleaning.

Complex Cases

Comprehensive treatment is also available for more complex cases.

No more Impressions!

In keeping with our promise to provide our patients with the newest, most innovative dental technology, we are proud to introduce our new iTero scanner. Our scanner enables us to digitally create a model of your mouth, capturing 6000 frames per second to give us a high quality image. This image can be used to plan treatment, to monitor the shape and size of your teeth, or even to simulate an orthodontic result post-Invisalign treatment.

Book in for your free scan today, and see how we can help you get a brighter, more confident smile!

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How to refer a patient

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Should you require any further information regarding this service or any of our specialist endodontic, periodontic, orthodontic or restorative services, please contact the practice on 01635 40311 or by email: enquiries@briarsdentalcentre.com