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Appointment availability

We are open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm for most images with the scan being sent out on CD or uploaded to the cloud the same day. We offer both fixed-time appointments and a walk-in service.

What are the doses of a scan

The radiation doses of a scan vary depending on the size of the image being acquired, but are significantly lower than traditional CT scan radiation doses. The scanner is able to calculate the radiation dose before the image is taken, and in all cases the minimum amount needed for the exposure will be used.

What are the costs

The costs for our imaging services are;
2D Panoral or Ceph – £80
3D Image (any size) – £145
Report – from £80

Who takes the images?

Our dentists and nursing staff are suitably trained and qualified to take radiographs and images. All images will be reviewed by a dentist before they are sent out.

Who reports on the images?

Reporting can be done by our qualified dentists, or we are able to arrange for a specialist dental radiologist to report on a scan.

What happens when you have a scan?

Having a scan is like having any regular dental xray where the machine rotates around your head. You will be positioned into the scanner and stand still whilst the scanner takes the image. It usually takes a maximum of 20 seconds for the machine to rotate and take the image.

How is the scan delivered?

Scans can be sent to you on a CD, or uploaded to a secure cloud area into your personal folder. The imaging software will be uploaded along with instructions on installation and opening of the scan. There is no additional charge for selecting both options.

Opening Hours

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How to refer a patient

Referrals can be sent by email or post by using the referral forms.

Should you require any further information regarding this service or any of our specialist endodontic, periodontic, orthodontic or restorative services, please contact the practice on 01635 40311 or by email: enquiries@briarsdentalcentre.com