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To comply with IRMER 2000 regulations radiographs and CT scans should be reviewed by the referring practitioner or by a radiologist.

This can rule out the possibility of coincidental pathology. We recommend this service and are happy to offer a report via a Consultant Radiologist.

A charge of £140 will be made for this service in addition to the scan.

By not ticking this box I am happy to make my own arrangements.

Patient Details

We offer a “walk-in” service for most examinations, with results available within 24hrs, or immediately for radiography or booked CT appointments without a report. The radiographic and CT examinations take place in our dedicated Radiography acquisition suite.

Please allow 30 minutes for the examination/scan.

We are open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

We accept all major credit cards, cheques and cash.

In some circumstances, patients referred by a surgeon may be reimbursed by their medical insurance company. Treatment must be authorised before the examination/scan.

Insurance companies will issue your patient with an Authorisation Number which they must bring with them along with their Membership Number to the appointment.

Please ensure your patient brings any stent or plastic guide with them to the appointment if required during the scan.

2D Panoramic X-ray

This radiograph produces a 2D image of your patients teeth and jaws (including buried teeth), and is useful for planning Dental Treatment, Oral Surgery, or Dental Implant Surgery.

3D Scanning of the Jaws

High-resolution 3D scanners are a new generation of Cone Beam CT scanner, specifically intended for examination of the jaws and skull. The scan time may be as little as 5 seconds. Versatile control of the field of view and resolution allows for effective optimisation. The scans set a new standard in planning for Dental Implants, Specialist Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, ENT Surgery and Orthodontics.

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How to refer a patient

Referrals can be sent by email or post by using the referral forms.

Should you require any further information regarding this service or any of our specialist endodontic, periodontic, orthodontic or restorative services, please contact the practice on 01635 40311 or by email: enquiries@briarsdentalcentre.com