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Fully Guided Implant Placement

Guided Surgery is a Digital System that allows us to plan the placement of implants in the optimal 3D position from an aesthetic and functional point of view following the 3D and Mock-up procedure. DSD is also perfect to plan for crowns and veneers not just implants.



Ensuring the optimal 3D position of the implants we reduce the possibility of failure and improve the aesthetic of the restoration.


Implant positions close to anatomical structures can be controlled using minimum distances and alarms.


The system is endorsed by first class implantologists and planning is performed by our expert dentists at DSD Virtual Lab Planning Centre.


By reducing the number of appointments, improving the aesthetics of the restoration and giving the possibility of minimally invasive surgery, we ensure our patient ́s satisfaction.


Digital Prosthesis Planning allow us the possibility to perform an immediate restoration, if the case meets the requirements.

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How to refer a patient

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